The Ultimate Thanksgiving Outfit

Macaroni and choose the perfect outfit!

We’re just days away from our second favorite holiday of the year: Thanksgiving!  Our favorite holiday is obviously Cinco de Mayo, but since not every celebration can be all about tacos and margaritas, Thanksgiving comes in (a distant) second.  Putting together an outfit for Thanksgiving dinner can be like switching shampoos; there’s a lot to consider.  You need to factor in judgmental relatives, overeating, and temperature concerns that make global warming look like no big deal.

We’ve got dressing for Thanksgiving dinner down to a science, but don’t worry, it’s a soft science we can actually understand, like anthropology or baking (we can’t stress enough that we were English majors).  Just follow our guide to a foolproof outfit and the only thing that will be able to ruin Thanksgiving dinner will be your adorable cousin asking the whole dinner table, “Why are you the only girl in the family that isn’t married?”

Skirt, Rag & Bone, $200
This skirt is a total no-brainer (or as we like to call it, a Ryan Lochte) because it’s got a stretchy waist and it’s super comfortable, unlike your uncle’s weird jokes about “the wishbone.”  We generally avoid pants for big meals; a skirt ensures that we’ll keep cool and protect against the meat sweats.  This skirt also has a stain-hiding print, so feel free to pound the gravy right out of the boat this year.

Shirt, J.Crew $88
Thanksgiving, like that awesome Mary J. Blige song, is a “Family Affair.”  Keep it classy with a collar, a subtle print, and a reasonable blood alcohol level.  This button-down will make sure you don’t accidentally show off the goods (more like the greats!) when you’re seated across from your aunt’s new boyfriend’s adult son (unless you want to, in which case, we support you, but you’ll just need to completely re-evaluate your outfit).

Necklace, Alexis Bittar, $595
We’re basically the Brooke Shields of carbs; nothing gets between us and our mashed potatoes.  When you’re reaching across the table to grab those spuds (that sounds dirty), don’t let anything slow you down.  That includes bracelets, rings, and your grandmother’s laser-like focus on your hips.  Wear a necklace instead—it’s also a great place to tuck in your napkin.

Pumps, Cole Haan, $298
We love a holiday dedicated to sitting and eating for many reasons, chief (topical!) amongst which is that you can wear high heels without suffering.  This isn’t a holiday spent milling around a cocktail party (New Year’s) or hunting for eggs (Flag Day).  The skinny heel on these pumps is also perfect for kicking your sister when she casually mentions how you cashed in your 401K to buy a Proenza Schouler bag.

Oversized clutch, ASOS, $53
It’s tough to look both chic and prepared (See life vests and head lamps).  While you want to ditch the 30 pound saddlebag you carry around on a daily basis, you’ll need more than just a thick skin to survive a meal with extended family.  Choose an oversized clutch that can fit your phone, lipstick, the pink Himalayan salt you brought from home, and the emergency stash of anti-anxiety meds you’ll inevitably need.

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Divya and Alison are the funny ladies and avid online designer discount shoppers behind Heavy Browsing. They take fashion (and cheese and whiskey) very seriously. For more ingenious style and shopping thoughts, visit these self-professed silk blouse enthusiasts on Tumblr, and stalk them in moderation on Twitter @heavybrowsing.

2 Responses to “The Ultimate Thanksgiving Outfit”

  1. You forgot to consider the cooks! I usually opt for a chefs jacket embroidered with a cartoon pilgrim strangling a turkey and a shiny bud light can for a little hand jewelry. Talk about keeping it classy.

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