Wear This Not This: Peplums

wear this not this peplum

Seeing as we’ve never been fans of anything that adds inches to our waists (okay, except maybe carrot cake, wine, bagels, bourbon, cheese, pizza, cheese pizza, Cadbury Crème Eggs, nachos, bacon, fries, and white bread), it shouldn’t come as a surprise that initially we wanted nothing to do with the peplum trend.  But, if we can let Katy Perry and natural peanut butter (ugh, stirring) infiltrate our lives, then there’s probably room for a peplum or two.

Assuming you don’t want to waste the results of your month-long cleanse, stay away from styles that add bulk and instead opt for peplums that fall closer to the body.  It’s the difference between a ruffle and a structured panel around your waist.  It’s Fettuccine versus Farfalle.  Which pasta shape would you rather have wrapped around what should be the slimmest part of your body?  Obviously Fettuccine — we would wrap ourselves in that.  Maybe with a little butter, some parsley, a nice white wine sauce.  And clams.  And fresh Parmesan.  And a loaf of garlic bread on the side.

Sorry, we’re having cleanse-induced carbohydrate hallucinations.  We’re on day two.

(left and right images via Revolve Clothing)

About Heavy Browsing

Divya and Alison are the funny ladies and avid online designer discount shoppers behind Heavy Browsing. They take fashion (and cheese and whiskey) very seriously. For more ingenious style and shopping thoughts, visit these self-professed silk blouse enthusiasts on Tumblr, and stalk them in moderation on Twitter @heavybrowsing.

3 Responses to “Wear This Not This: Peplums”

  1. Peplums don’t add inches to your waist, they add inches to your hips and make your waist look smaller in comparison. If they’re not doing that, you’re not wearing them right.

  2. Can you post some crazy peplum pics?!?! Please?! I miss the crazy outfits!

  3. Great advice. I have never considered wearing one, and can’t imagine I ever will unless I travel back in time and become a hipless 18 yo again.

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