Hunt & Gather: Spring Sweaters


The weather is finally starting to warm up after too long of a winter, but like a doctor that accepts Groupon, we don’t trust it.  It can still get chilly in the spring, and the last thing you want is to be caught with goosebumps–and we don’t mean the sexy kind, a.k.a. the books by R.L. Stine.

Spring sweaters are an odd breed, kind of like a steroidal ferret being sold as a toy poodle (that’s a thing that actually happened).  You may have wanted your winter sweaters to do things like keep you warm or hide your pumpkin spice latte-related weight gain, but you want your spring sweaters to do basically the opposite.  They should be light and loose, showing off that you’ve been aggressively attending daily Caribbean Aerobics AND Strictly Step classes at Lucille Roberts.  Not only should the colors complement the white jeans we can finally break out for the season, but they should also match the enormous amount of fresh produce we plan to consume in our cocktails (what the hell is a salad and why do people keep telling us to eat them?!).

Top to bottom, left to right, top to bottom: Zara, $25.90; Acne Studios, $210; Helmut Lang, $210; Madewell, $69.50;  J.Crew, $65; Reiss, $120.

About Heavy Browsing

Divya and Alison are the funny ladies and avid online designer discount shoppers behind Heavy Browsing. They take fashion (and cheese and whiskey) very seriously. For more ingenious style and shopping thoughts, visit these self-professed silk blouse enthusiasts on Tumblr, and stalk them in moderation on Twitter @heavybrowsing.

3 Responses to “Hunt & Gather: Spring Sweaters”

  1. Love these options! I’m not ready to give up comfy sweaters yet so these are perfect for spring!


  2. I can’t believe the price on the Zara! I really like the Madwell sweatshirt sweater – but inevitably when I buy a sweater online I look like a bag lady that just left the goodwill or like my boobs are trying to break free.

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