Overruled: Wearing Maxi Skirts

Some items of clothing are super easy to buy and wear, like shift dresses or straight-legged jeans.  Other items are more tricky, and like a happy hour when you haven’t eaten dinner, can easily turn into a complete disaster.  One such piece is the maxi skirt.  It’s a major trend this season, but just like amusement park rides, speed dating, and middle school dances, you have to follow a lot of rules to not end up in trouble.

  1. Only wear a maxi skirt if you are taller than you are wide.
  2. Your skirt should never drag on the ground.  The only thing more off-putting than looking like a slob in over-sized clothing is anything you’re wearing having contact with the giant toilet that is a city street.
  3. Approach patterns with caution: horizontal stripes can get really unflattering really fast and florals can quickly drift into “Third Grade Social Studies Teacher” territory.
  4. No drawstrings.  Frankly, this should be a rule enforced in nearly all clothing purchases.
  5. “Bulk” is a four letter word (unless you’re buying wine in it).  Avoid ruffles, tiering, ruching or anything else that adds unwanted volume.

Memorize these rules.  If you can’t do that, just put them in your phone for handy reference.  You might even look more popular while you shop if other people think you’re texting someone.

About Heavy Browsing

Divya and Alison are the funny ladies and avid online designer discount shoppers behind Heavy Browsing. They take fashion (and cheese and whiskey) very seriously. For more ingenious style and shopping thoughts, visit these self-professed silk blouse enthusiasts on Tumblr, and stalk them in moderation on Twitter @heavybrowsing.

6 Responses to “Overruled: Wearing Maxi Skirts”

  1. love this ladies!!! you guys never cease to amaze

  2. lol I never realized there were rules — NOW I KNOW!!! will make sure not to break these this summer!!

  3. this is great, thanks! any thoughts on the sheer maxi’s?

  4. how about the mullet maxi?

    and the denim maxi?

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